Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Copper Archipelago

How about a hint of flying over a tropical archipelago?

I love images of turquoise water. Even more, I love being in water.

Textures excite me.

Iridescent, interference and metallic paints are fun.

I am inspired by the beauty God created in this world.
These come together when I make my art.

I previously posted this painting here. More glazes of interference green and phthalo blue were added to the border and portions of the interior space. I made adjustments to the turquoise and green passages on the interior. Metallic copper had been in my plan throughout most of this project, but I had to wait for just the right time when I felt brave because there would be no turning back...
Today I used a scumbling brush and applied Golden Iridescent Copper (Fine) very sparingly. It immediately brought new life to this painting with its complementary hue.
I had been seeing a topographical map in the surface of this painting. With the addition of the copper, that allusion became more apparent to me. As I took the close-up images, the word archipelago came to me. Then I knew I had the title for this painting.
I'm not sure how I will frame it. I put a coppery brown border on the image in PS Elements.

The border area is very reflective because of the glazes of interference color. It can appear either very light or on the dark side of a medium value depending on the light source. These photos were all taken with diffused natural afternoon light coming in a south window. There was a medium covering of clouds, so I wasn't getting glare, but it wasn't gloomy dark either. I discovered that by changing the white balance on my camera to cloudy, my colors were much truer than when I had the setting on auto.
I hope this post helped you escape to beautiful places today!


Martha Lever said...

Oh wow, this is stunning! And it is my favorite color. The shivas are really wonderful for painting a face. I use white, aliz crim, brown and yellow ochre and I smooth it with my hand and they become opaque. I haven done to much else with them but faces but I know that they can be combines with regular oil paint which I never do anyway since that is one medium that I don't doi! Yet anyway!

PJ said...

Oh, an absolute beautiful place to be! I was thinking Earth's images before I read what you wrote!

Sara said...

Regina...your art work is stunningly beautiful! I am going to be very busy this morning checking out your posts along with the links you suggest. You generously gave great links...and I thank you!