Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Progress

Just a portion of a 16 x 20 acrylic painting in progress.
This is on illustration board and I had a completely different painting in mind when I started it. Long story short, I blew the first concept and was inspired by a different idea and colors which covered up the original work very well. There are thick & thin layers of heavy body acrylic, heavy clear gel, fluid colors and airbrush paint. I am contemplating my finishing touches and hope to finish the painting in the next week.

This is a portion of a 4 x 4 work on canvas. The painting is one of four that work together. After base painting the canvas, I added a Golden texture paste. It's been long enough that I don't remember which one, but it is absorbant. It may be fiber paste. I let the canvases sit several weeks and just started adding colors to them this week. This is another project I hope to wrap up in this coming week.

I have two opportunities to display and sell my work in early October. I will have a display in a business, yet to be revealed, at the Marshalltown Art Walk '09 on October 8th. On Saturday, October 10th, I will once again have a tent at Nevada Uncorked - a wine and art event. More details to follow soon.


Shayla said...

Wow! There's so many funky things going on there with lines and light. It looks organic, texture wise. You're into airbrushing now? Very cool. I've never tried it.

Regina said...

About the airbrush paint - I'm using it to dribble paint. It runs wildly & maintains the pigment load that would be lost if I thinned the fluid paint which is more of the consistency of cream. Brandie Isely suggested it to me the last time I was at the Art Store in Des Moines.

Anonymous said...

you have my curiosity piqued! Looking forward to your shows! Chickie Sis

Leah said...

So fun to see your works in progress! Loving the reds!

k baxter packwood said...

Creative Computer Tools for Artists - Checking it out from the library!