Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspired by Hydrangeas

The days are getting shorter, and there are signs that it won't be long before our gardens turn brown. But for now, the last surge of glory can be found. The hydrangea shrub at my in-laws was weighed down with bundles of blooms last weekend when we were visiting.
I used Photoshop Elements to alter one of the images I took. After cropping, I removed the color (making it b&W). Next I applied the watercolor filter. Then I added a green color filter.

I missed my blog anniversary last month & plan to celebrate somehow in the near future. I also hope to post more regularly in the coming days & weeks. I took a break from painting while my back was giving me trouble this summer. After following a new physical therapy regimen, I can stand at my art table again. It's been a rough start for me. Painting flows best for me when I can work with it on a regular basis. I have to be reminded of some of its nuances that are forgotten when I don't paint.

I have been drawing sketches to prepare for a mural project I'll be painting this fall. I'll keep you posted once I get started. This is an exciting challenge for me... my biggest "canvas" so far.

There are a couple of exhibits coming up in October, and I'll share more on them later, too.


Fannie said...

Love the hydrangeas, Regina. Hope your back is getting better. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too.

Fannie said...

nice photoshop work, regina. the green filter is wonderful. thanks for sharing.