Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It is finished

This week, Christians around the world are observing events that occurred in Jerusalem nearly 2000 years ago. Jesus Christ, Son of God, was arrested, crucified and died. He was laid in a tomb. Three days later Jesus rose from the dead.
Jesus, who is God in the form of man, lived a perfect life. When he was crucified, Jesus was the perfect sacrifice for ALL sin, for ALL men. No longer would there be need for the sacrifices of animals by priests to answer for sin. Forgiveness of sin is available to all who come to God believing in Jesus and repenting of their sins.
Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to many of his followers over a period of 40 days. Then he ascended into heaven. There is much more I could say. The Bible tells it better.

This artwork started as a random use of paints off my palette and favorite texture tools. You can see that below. I added more layers and textures earlier this week. As I turned the piece around, I saw the cross. I started thinking of lessons I've learned in my most recent Bible study. At the moment Jesus died, the temple curtain that separated all but the high priest from the Holiest Place was torn from top to bottom. We have free access to God. No longer do we need a priest or other mediator to communicate to God for us. There are places on this painting that remind me of tattered curtains. They remind me of the old way of coming to God.

I have greatly simplified my thoughts in this post. If you have questions, please contact me. The painting was revealing to me. It was a surprise to see that what I have been studying and contemplating came out in what I had consciously started as an abstract painting with no representation in it at all.


Adrienne Berry said...

That's neat, I love it when art does things like that. I often done that where I starting something and turned it at a different angle and saw something different!

Melissa S. said...

The layering is just gorgeous, and that the cross appeared in the midst of it...so like God to appear where we least expect Him to! Wonderful piece. Blessings my friend.