Friday, June 20, 2008

IF - Hoard

When I saw the new IF topic, Hoard, I thought of how hard it is for me to let my creations go. This month I submitted three ATC's (Artist Trading Cards - miniature art that is 3.5 x 2.5 inches) to the Ankeny Art Center for a show that premiered this week. Unlike most shows, the ATC's stay with the art center. They are hoping to turn this into a traveling show.

Sometimes I just HOARD my work. The above image is a scan of some of my ATC's... some hoarded, some not.

I also hoard all kinds of "treasures" that may end up in or being used for ART!

What has been difficult with our recent home improvement project is to not hang on to every interesting bit that gets pulled off the house. I asked my husband to not throw away an interesting (to me) broken board he pulled off the soffet last week. I just need to photograph it & throw it away!


Andrea Rooks said...

Beautiful pieces... I challenged myself to use the beautiful things that I have this year -- having a craft blog makes it easier to part with stuff in my hoard. I can visit my creations any time I want :)

Connie said...

I can see why you might have trouble letting your work go, but sharing it is also good. I'm glad you did here.

Leah said...

i can understand the desire to hoard art and supplies. i do it a lot too!!

Joan said...

Oh my gosh!!
I have a horrible time letting my art go... it feels like babies leaving the nest.

This is something I am trying to get over.
Just know dear heart that you are so NOT alone!

tee hee... I would have had to photograph the broken board too :)

love to you!!