Thursday, April 3, 2008

Illustration Friday - Homage

This pair of tulips is an homage to my husband who is the love of my life. He supports me in so many ways. I have been able to grow as an artist because of his encouragement.
A few years ago we had a pair of white tulips that grew in a similar arrangement to the way I composed this piece. I used bright colors, because Hubby likes them. When we were students, we met at Iowa State University whose colors are cardinal red and gold.

This one's for you, Hubby!


Janvangogh said...

This is a lovely tribute -- the art and the sentiment.

San said...

thats so nice. :D

PJ said...

What a nice tribute to your hubby! Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. So your a painter! I look forward to exploring your blog.

Leah said...

lovely piece! and a wonderful tribute. :-)