Saturday, January 19, 2008


I've been working on a mixed media piece, watercolor workshop preparations, reading (The Lady & the Unicorn). I'll be showing you some of these in days to come - but I need to take photographs and I'm saving that for another day when it is earlier. My creative juices tend to go overtime at night and that is not good for my sleep pattern. I know I have a lot of company out there.

But for tonight, I will share one of my favorite subjects. This is a version of a Blue Morph Butterfly that I altered with Photoshop Elements. I have worked this image several times and would like to do more with it.

The verse is from one of my favorite Psalms of the Bible and can be found in Psalm 91. I listened to a CD this week that I hadn't listened to for a while. My favorite track is "You Are My Refuge" by Shannon Wexelberg. I love songs like this that remind me of where my safe place is. It's easy for me to worry and let troubling thoughts take over. But God has promised to be a refuge. He is my hiding place.

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Joan said...

this is beautiful and would make a gorgeous inspirational greeting card.

I think it is lovely just as it is!

And yes, thank God for being our hiding place... how quickly we forget that some days.