Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jewelry Designing in Progress

Here's a glimpse of my jewelry design table. In days gone by we dined at this table. All my components and beads are in labeled bags. The majority are stored in plastic trays by color families in a cabinet to the right. The small drawers to the back of the table were purchased at Lowes and I store basic components in them. While working on a project, I pull out several bags until I find the "right" combination. Once the design is complete, I record all parts used on an index card - just like a recipe. Each item is tagged and given an inventory number which is also recorded on the index card. Sometimes I ***sigh*** at all this record keeping, but it has worked very well for me.
I'm working on a necklace that started with a set of lampwork glass beads from Johanna of Canyon Echoes. I love her beads. I decided to only use the focal bead from the set for the necklace. The smaller beads will probably go into a bracelet and earrings that will coordinate. I'm using Australian Jasper, Iron Tiger Eye and Hill Tribe silver so far. Check back later for the completed design.


Canyon Echoes said...

Wow Regina - what a great idea for your blog! I am so excited to see what you design using my beads! What an honor - THANKS!!

Chris Dembinski said...

Nice blog Regina! We have the same record keeping system. LOL!


Beadygirl Beads said...

Your blog is great and your Etsy store looks WONDERFUL! Thank you for including me!!! :-)
xoxox Tera