Tuesday, September 20, 2011

GPP Crusade No. 55: Disappearing Act - with Stamps and Stencils

Journal page close up.

Do you want to have fun creating lost and found edges?  What does that mean?  The above stamped image shows distinct edges and places where the edge is "lost" when the stamping colors merge with the background.

To learn how to create this look, read Michelle Ward's great tutuorial on this month's challenge.
Just follow this link.

 The first two journal pages were prepped with gesso.  Then I brayered Phthalo Green, Phthalo Blue and Green Gold on the pages.  Next I brayered the same color sequence over a stencil that I laid on the above page.
 I stamped on this page. Once again, I used the same colors of paint on the stamp that I used to color the page.
 I put small squirts of paint on the palette and a streak of matte medium.  They gently blended when I rolled the brayer back and forth through the paint.  I was careful to keep the roller in close alignment with the paint so the colors wouldn't blend all together and maintain some of the pure colors.
This stencil is by the Crafters Workshop.
 You get a better idea of the gradation of colors on this shot where I rolled the paint through the stencil on a white page.
 This stamped image shows what I stamped on the prepped page.  I continued to stamp off the paint to get the ghost images on the page.

Following are the pages that I created in my journal where I attempted to make lost and found edges.  I was using up paints on my palette from a different project. I applied paint with a stencil brush over a variety of Crafters Workshop stencils.  They weren't as effective as I'd hoped.  I learned there is trial and error involved with this process... easier said than done.

Thanks again to Michelle Ward for her inspiring and informative tutorials at the Green Pepper Press Street Team Blog.  Check it out!


Nathalie Nayer said...

Wow! After the mess I did, I'm really impressed with your pages!

jgr said...

Regina, Your pages are great! I love those stencils, too-especially the first one.

michelle ward said...

Regina - quick turn around for you! Two crusades in a short time :) Love that you called it Lost & Found Edges. Perfect description of what happens. Love that first photo, with the pattern emerging in color. Very cool! Thanks for sharing with the team!

Anonymous said...

That top image is gorgeous. And I love seeing those wee bottles of paint - don't they just look so inviting?

goudenregen said...

I think your final results are really great. Thanks for showing how the whole process went.

Michelle said...

Excellent! Lots of great pages.

Barbara Marie said...

Loved the colors on your pages and the stencil effects, too!

Sue said...

lovely tutorial, your patterns and colours are really brilliant.

Unknown said...

So glad I found you through the miz kate dot com Artist blog hop!
I am your newest blog follower. :)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!