Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art at Snus Hill Winery on April 30th

I've been making some new earrings to prepare for the upcoming art sale at Snus Hill Winery this coming Saturday.  The event is part of a multi-community celebration in honor of the High Trestle Trail.  Read more here.
This grouping features different stones and sterling silver.  I've been shaping and hammering sterling wire.  That's lots of fun.
So is hanging out with fellow art lovers.  I hope you'll come out this Saturday and see us at Snus Hill Winery.
We'll be there from 10-5.

Turquoise and Sterling Silver Earrings

African Chrysocolla and Sterling Silver Earrings

Just a few of my earring creations.


PJ said...

Very nice earrings! Good luck to you in your Art Show!

jgr said...

Hi Regina,
Thank you for your comment today. Your jewelry is beautiful!!

Mary C. Nasser said...

Wonderful earring creations!
Beautiful colors!!

So glad I found you through the “All Kinds of Artists” Artist blog hop!

I am your newest blog follower. :)
Looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts!

I welcome you to check out my art blog, too!

Mary C. Nasser