Friday, March 12, 2010

Etsy Treasury: Grape Expectations

What a treat! Tonight I found out that one of my bracelets was chosen for an Etsy Treasury.
(I removed the link because the treasury has expired, but you can still go shopping in my Etsy Store.


Sara said...

Your bracelet is so lovely! Everything you make is amazing....and I wish you great success on Etsy!

Julie said...

Hi! Just found your blog by clicking on the "next blog" button. I love the purple and green creation! It's so fun to find another artist. Please come visit me at my blog: I give out daily art tips and welcome any comments or suggestions you might have. Artists are always looking for the right road to travel, don't you think? My sister is a muralist like you. She works in Utah. Her blog is Her blog is quite new and I bet she would love to hear from another successful muralist like herself.

Shayla said...

Congrats, Regina. And no wonder. That bracelet is soooo pretty!

Fannie said...

Lovely piece and great title! Bravo.

Stop by my blog for a giveaway.