Friday, May 8, 2009

Art in the Heartland - Cherokee, Iowa

Last Friday night my sweet Hubby wrote the previous post on this blog, because I was exhausted after too little sleep and many hours of preparations. We had traveled 150 miles to Cherokee, Iowa where we set up my first solo art exhibit at the Sanford Museum and Planetarium.

There's nothing like a good night's rest to revive the body. After checking out of the motel, we headed to downtown Cherokee. We had an excellent lunch at this cafe.

I love the architecture and signage in this town. There were different types of brick and stonework to keep things interesting.

We were surprised to discover this little park and walking path that led to the Sanford Museum. It was tucked between two buildings. I wonder what happened to create that space.

UPDATE: This was "called Treptow Park, in honor of a WWI hero from Cherokee. He was killed in that war. It was kept up well, for a long time, but some years ago, it began to be neglected. A few years ago, the lot came up for sale and was bought by the museum. We redid the park, with many contributions from our great community, and called it Sanford Lane, thinking the walkway would connect up to the museum, which it does. The big mural on the side was done many years ago by an art class.I think that is some of the story, anyway." Information provided by Michele from the Sanford Museum. Thanks, Michele!

We went back to the Sanford to take pictures. On Friday we had finished setting up the exhibit after closing and didn't get all the shots we wanted. The following are the paintings as you go along the wall from left to right. I put a link to Flicker on the right sidebar of this post where I noted the titles of the art.

I am very pleased with this first exhibit. The museum has been wonderful to work with. I'm very grateful for this opportunity.


Laura said...

Hi Regina, just stopped in to see what you've been up to and look at you - congratulations! I'm doing a solo show this year in the fall, so really appreciate your sharing of tips & links (ie. how to write the 'dreaded' artist statement, lol)

Again, congrats!!! Wish I could be there to see this in person :>

Shayla said...

Great work, Regina!

Sara said...

Congratulations Regina!!! Your artwork rocks! I would loved to have seen your exhibit!

Lisa Lorenz said...

WOWOWEE...I am so happy for you Regina...everything looks just amazing! Bravo!