Monday, July 21, 2008

Art Fair Thanksgiving

Yesterday was a great day for an art fair. Sure, the temperature & humidity were soaring, but who could complain? The breeze was gentle and rain was just a memory from the night before. Thank you, Lord, for your tender mercies.

I never could have participated in the art fair without the help of my husband and sister. I'm so grateful for their physical and emotional support. Thank you T & B!

Brandie was my neighbor for the day. We met last year at this same venue when she was exhibiting and I was scouting art fairs. She has become a valued friend who has inspired me in many ways. Thanks go to you, dear Brandie!

The Central Iowa Art Association who hosted the art fair had many wonderful & friendly volunteers on the grounds. They made me feel welcome & right at home for the day. Thanks for the opportunity to show my work.

Lastly, I'm grateful for all the people who came out to enjoy the art. Their kind words of encouragement and compliments are gifts to me.


Andrea Rooks said...

Hurray! And kudos to you for putting yourself out there...

This is the perfect time to share that I'm thankful for you -- I first heard about Etsy from you last year at the Rooks reunion :) Thanks for inspiring and encouraging me!

Brandie said...

You are a constant inspiration to me as well my dear friend.